Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I didn't forget I swear....

I swear I didn't forget about the post im going to do with thrifted pieces I was supposed to do a couple days ago. Everything just got so hectic, I just didn't have any time. My cat Buzz ran away yesterday and I still haven't found him! I called the local humane society (nothing), drove around my neighborhood a million times (nothing), me and my boyfriend put signs up everywhere and still (nothing). So hopefully I find him soon I am so worried, I also started school today! This semester is going to be so stressful and crazy between taking five classes (3 being veterinary ones), homework, and studying! 

Well I just wanted to update everyone on what was going on and why I had yet to post my thrifted outfit post yet but I promise I will within the next couple days! 

Here is a picture of Buzz, and the outfit I wore for my first day of class! 

My entire outfit was thrifted except for my cute collar cuffs my brothers girlfriend bought me!
Top- Straight Down
Pants- BDG from Urban Outfitters
Collar cuffs- gift
Shoes- black Tom's

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