Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thrifting, thrifting, thirfting

Ah! Thrifting, one of my many addictions. I love being able to find unique staple pieces for my wardrobe at a cheap price as well as finding items that nobody else I know has. About two weeks ago my mom and I hit up every goodwill in our town for the 50% off EVERYTHING sale! We were out from 8am-9pm when they all closed! Needless to say we found so many goodies! 

Here is just my pile, and YES my poor boyfriend is somewhere under there holding it all for me while I take this picture! 

I found so many awesome pieces that I can't wait to style for you guys! Tomorrow I will post a few pictures with how I styled these different pieces! 

ALSO not only can you find so many cute clothing items, I love the home decor as well! I found the cutest frame for a picture of my boyfriend and I. Its such a heavy duty frame and it was only $2! What a steal!

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