Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reptile show, shopping, and school!

Ive been terrible I know, im sorry! This semester has just been way to stressful, between going to school five days a week, non stop homework, and making time to go to the gym and hanging out with Michael I have not had much of a life let alone time to post on my blog so I apologize but once things settle down I will have a lot more time to be on here!

Some fun things that we've done lately though;
Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit! I had too much fun, I love reptiles (mainly lizards) my bearded dragon sherman is my baby I bought him some presents at the show so I was really excited for that! Me and Michael also went to a haunted "ghost town" with our friends. Its just a fun thing we do during Halloween! We also saw Frankenweenie definitely recommend it such a cute movie! Im also going back to Minnesota in December to visit my family for Christmas. (Definitely going to freeze) but im really excited! Ive also done a little bit of shopping over the past couple weeks so ill toss in some pictures of the stuff I've bought!
Here are some pictures though of outfits,the reptile show, and just some random fun ones! 
Hope everyone has a good week!

Dress: Lauren Conrad
Sherman my bearded dragon:

New Floral pants from Kohls!

 Top: Ralph Lauren
Sweater: GAP
 Reptile Show:

 Rock and Republic Jeans
 Lauren Conrad Shorts
 Lauren Conrad Top
 Dress: Khols Brand
Belt: Bow Belt Nordstroms

Shorts: Vintage Ralph Lauren 
 My precious boyfriend carrying all the groceries in!haha

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