Friday, September 7, 2012

Long overdue....

Ugh I am terrible! I am so so sorry about the long overdue post, I dress in nothing but scrubs 5 days a week so my actual outfits have been very minimum. Taking five classes is taking over my life, I go to school 30+ hours a week on top of non stop homework, presentations, and studying! Im currently working on a disease presentation on a condition called "Cherry Eye" and a breed presentation on Doberman Pinschers! BTW this guy brought in his 103 pound Burmese Python to class (my WORST nightmare!) Other than that I went to yard sales with my mom over the past weekend and struck out on TWO dressers (im in the process of re-doing my room with ideas from pinterest.) So painting one of them was what I did over the weekend! 
Here are a few pictures from throughout the week!

103 pound Burmese Python named "Baby"

Belt-Yard Sale 
Ballerina Flats- Urban Outfitters
 I perfected the hair bow (almost)

 Top- Anne Taylor (thrifted)

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